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About Freestyle Solutions

You had a great idea for a product. You seized the market opportunity and decided to go for it. And, now you’ve got a successful retail business!

We totally get it because that’s how Freestyle Solutions got started!

Freestyle Solutions is a software company started by retailers with solutions for retailers.

In 1986, two brothers had a retail catalog business selling sheet music. One brother was trained as a classical musician. The other brother was an experienced IT professional. They saw the business need and the market opportunity to sell sheet music to other musicians. And it took off!  

Initially, they processed orders manually. Sound familiar? They couldn’t find software to help them automate the process of getting orders out the door and manage inventory too. Business was thriving and they couldn’t keep up. 

So, they developed their own inventory, order & customer management software for small to mid-sized businesses! They originally called it Mail Order Manager or M.O.M. then renamed it Multichannel Order Manager as the business moved online. 

Word spread, M.O.M. grew in popularity and quickly became an industry standard. And, a new software category was born -- automated order and inventory management software or OMS.



Thousands of multichannel merchants rely on Freestyle Solutions’  Omnichannel Management Service (O.M.S.)  and  Multichannel Order Manager (M.O.M.®) solutions to automate back office operations and drive business growth.

Freestyle Solutions clients collectively engage over a million shoppers daily, generating nearly 10 million in gross merchandise sales every day. 

Our proven on-premise and cloud-based solutions enable small to medium sized retail and fulfillment businesses to grow faster by expanding your eCommerce presence and automating back office operations to manage critical aspects of their business: multi channel order management; inventory visibility and control across multiple channels; drop ship management; rapid, reliable order fulfillment; customer management; integration with popular eCommerce platforms. 

Where we are and where we’re heading…

Freestyle Solutions continues to provide the essential and innovative inventory, order, and customer management solutions that growing multi channel retailers need to integrate easily with eCommerce platforms to drive efficiency, productivity, insight and growth. 

Our solutions serve all retail industries and a variety of retail sales channels including catalogers, brick and mortar, and online, along with support for fulfillment and distribution firms. 

Freestyle Omnichannel Management Service (O.M.S.) is our latest cloud-based innovation. Freestyle is tightly integrated with third-party eCommerce software Magento, providing smart dashboards for the always up-to-date business insight you need to grow sales. 

Retail success starts here!

Freestyle Solutions continues to maintain our focus, commitment and dedication in providing retailers, etailers, catalogers, fulfillment and distribution firms with best-in-class inventory, order, and customer management software solutions that help them increase sales and grow their business. 

We’re here to help you grow! Contact Us to learn more about Freestyle Solutions.

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