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News Bytes - December 2014


September 2014 News Bytes

Dydacomp News Bytes
Your Multichannel Order, Inventory
& eCommerce News Source
December 2014

In This Issue:
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6 Checkout Changes to Minimize Abandonment – Practical Ecommerce
Amazon Unveils its 8th Generation Fulfillment Center – Multichannel Merchant
5 Ways Small Retailers Plan to Compete This Holiday Season - Small Business Trends
Using Social Media in 2015 for Ecommerce Marketing– Practical Ecommerce
Girl Scout Cookies Go Digital and Become Even More Irresistible - ClickZ
How to Boost Your Retail Sales Into the New Year – Small Business Trends

Featured Insider Insight:

Retail Solutions InDepth Report

Here’s an excerpt from the Retail Solutons inDepth Report recently published by the Intuitive Accountant. This report focuses on system solutions for retailers keeping pace with industry’s rapid evolution.

Overcoming chaos

“Many enterprises that rushed into eCommerce in the last few years still have very manual back-office systems that are “very chaotic,” Lizza says. In that environment, something as simple as merchandise returned from a dissatisfied customer can overwhelm the accounting systems of fledgling e-tailers. It doesn’t have to be that way, says Lizza.

Large retailers have long had the capability of analyzing sales patterns to enable quick inventory and pricing decisions. Small retailers now have that ability with customer analytics modules such as those built into Dydacomp’s solutions, according to Lizza.

“It has gone from a ‘nice to have’ to a ‘need to have’ capability. You can see which are your top sellers, which are your bottom sellers, and how is that changing week to week,” he says.

The ongoing evolution from on-premise to cloud-based systems that can deliver strong analytical horsepower to retail accounting systems is moving apace, but many retailers and accounting professionals aren’t in any rush to make the switch, solution providers report. A significant variable in that decision-making process is the age of the business owner; the younger, the higher the comfort level using cloud-based software.

Read the full report here: “Intuitive Accountant Retail Solutions inDepth Report”



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