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News Bytes - November 2014


September 2014 News Bytes

Dydacomp News Bytes
Your Multichannel Order, Inventory
& eCommerce News Source
November 2014

In This Issue:
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[Video] Cloud Based Order Management for Magento – Dydacomp Exclusive
E-Commerce And The Back Office Working In Concert For Retail Success – Integrated Solutions for Retailers
Optimized Ecommerce Platforms = Happy Online Shoppers - Multichannel Merchant
From Mail Order To Omnichannel– NRF.com
SEO: Optimizing Product Content on Amazon - Practical Ecommerce
7 Pieces of Social Media Advice From 2007 That Still Matter Today – ClickZ
How to Capture Spare Bits of Time – And Other Growth Strategies - Small Business Trends
5 Ways Smaller Ecommerce Retailers Can Beat Large Ones - Practical Ecommerce

Featured Insider Insight:

Why Magento? What makes Magento such a popular choice as an e-commerce platform for retailers?

Here’s an excerpt from the article that Integrated Solutions for Retailers recently published in which they asked Magento experts Dydacomp, EYEMAGINE, and Redstage to explain what makes Magento such a popular choice as an e-commerce platform for retailers.

Dydacomp: This question is best answered by our Magento Solution Provider partners, but from our perspective, Magento offers the retailer rich marketing capabilities, scales the best from small businesses to large enterprises, and has developed the most comprehensive community of solution providers and extensions in the industry. It’s a solution you can grow with.

[Dydacomp has developed Freestyle Commerce as the cloud based order management solution built specifically for Magento. Our seamless integration allows for near real-time updates so your website always has the most up-to-date inventory and order status information. And because we have such a great understanding of the Magento platform, we can have you up and using Freestyle in a matter of days…no more long, expensive implementation processes.]

EYEMAGINE: Well, our history with Magento starts at the beginning. You see, EYEMAGINE began working with Magento since before version 1.0 and has contributed original source code to the platform. Having our roots in open source e-commerce technologies that pre-date Magento, we could see the writing on the wall and the hole in the market that Magento was looking to fill. Before Magento disrupted the market seven short years ago in 2007, e-commerce retailers that wanted to get serious about selling online often found it cost prohibitive to use a solution like Hybris, Demandware, ATG, or IBM WebSphere. These were simply not options for them as the cost of installation, licensing, configuration, and maintenance were just non-starters. E-commerce retailers’ only other option was to develop custom storefronts using their own developers and languages, such as ASP.NET or others, which again proved costly and challenging.

Magento really came out and changed the game by creating a community-based, open-source platform capable of serious e-commerce, at a reasonable price point. This, in effect, opened up an entire market segment that otherwise had been underserved and without solutions. Recognizing the sheer enormity of the market space and the opportunity to serve literally millions of possible businesses, EYEMAGINE become one of the first Magento partners and have stayed loyal to the platform over the past seven years, even as Magento was acquired by eBay and the partner landscape continued to change. Now that Magento has the full support of eBay and the resources that go along with it, we are sure they will continue to innovate and create new and valuable features to help modern businesses succeed in the e-commerce space.

The reality is that there is no “perfect” choice. Every piece of technology in the world is imperfect and will require maintenance, upkeep, and specialized knowledge to keep performing, as it should. As great as Magento is as a platform, do not underestimate its complexity. Always work with a partner whom you can trust, who has experience in providing years of quality service.

Redstage: We actually wrote a blog article some time ago on the benefits of Magento, which is still very fitting: http://www.redstage.com/2011/09/19/benefits-of-magento/ The most important is the following excerpt:

“Back in the OSCommerce, Zen Cart, and CRE Loaded days, an ecommerce site was a big hack job of custom code and “addons” that were basically just instructions for additional hacks. The more complex your site got, the more of a hack job it would become. Random errors and stability problems were a frequent result. Many times, complex additions would mean a full redevelopment of the whole site.

Magento, on the other hand, is properly architected to be able to extend its functionality in an elegant and stable way. And it’s really a huge advantage for your business. For instance, I wonder how much it cost Amazon to develop their Frequently Bought Together or Who Viewed This Also Viewed up-selling interfaces? Well, with Magento, you can have either one of those for about 50 bucks as extensions, and about 3 minutes of installation.”

Magento also allows us to add custom and complex functionality without the risk of future systemic complications. Read the full article here: “E-Commerce And The Back Office Working In Concert For Retail Success.”


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Cloud-based Inventory & Order Management for Magento & Amazon

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