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News Bytes - October 2014


September 2014 News Bytes

Dydacomp News Bytes
Your Multichannel Order, Inventory
& eCommerce News Source
October 2014

In This Issue:
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[Video] Freestyle Commerce - Cloud Based Inventory & Order Management Software
[On Demand Webinar] How to Prosper in an Amazon.com World – Practical Ecommerce
The Omni-Channel Growth Challenges Keeping You Up At Night - Integrated Solutions for Retailers
The Amazon Buy Box – The Internet’s $80 Billion Button – Multichannel Merchant
SEO 201, Part 5: Evaluating Ecommerce Platforms - Practical Ecommerce
The Importance of Personalization – ClickZ
Optimism Shines as National Retail Federation Forecasts Holiday Sales to Increase 4.1% - NRF.com
Is Amazon Planning a Shipping Revolution? - Practical Ecommerce

Featured Insider Insight:

Guide To Increasing Online Sales

The one sustainable competitive advantage you have to drive more online sales is to create a distinctive customer experience. In the eCommerce world, buyers have endless possibilities of where to shop, making it difficult to compete online. As a merchant, you have to do your best to differentiate yourself from the competition and in order to remain profitable, discounts and sales can’t be the only answer. Unless you are offering a completely unique product offering, you need to find another way to stand out from the crowd to create attraction to your website and ultimately loyalty to your brand.

At the end of the day, you need your customers more than they need you. So how do you attain new customers and retain existing ones? By delivering a distinctive customer experience. An effective inventory and order management solution (OMS) plays a pivotal role in creating and sustaining this experience to keep customers happy…and coming back!

Here are four ways inventory and order management plays a pivotal role in creating a better customer experience…and more sales!:

  1. Multi Channel Management

  2. Better Customer Management

  3. Integrated Shipping

  4. Integrated Supplier Management

If you think you can benefit from implementing a solution that can help you increase sales, give us a call.

Download your copy of the eBook entitled Guide To Increasing Online Sales. And click here to learn more about our latest solutions.


How Using EDI Can Help Improve & Streamline Your Processes

An Order Management Solution (OMS) automates inventory and order processing so you can fulfill orders faster and easier, get a handle on inventory levels and leverage better data to make smarter decisions. It’s all about enabling efficiency, productivity and insight to drive business growth.

What could be better than that? How about more of that! More efficiency, productivity and insight is exactly what you’ll get when you take advantage of the synergy between your OMS and electronic data interchange (EDI) software.

Utilizing EDI, you can accelerate your order processing and cut transaction costs. Click on the link below to read the full article and learn 6 benefits of incorporating EDI into your processes.



Freestyle Commerce

Cloud-based Inventory & Order Management for Magento & Amazon

Feature Spotlight: Barcode Scanning

Process Orders Faster & More Accurately

On-Demand Replay


Webinar: Getting the Most Out of Your Magento Investment - The Back (Office) Story

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Webinar: Order Management for the Magento Merchant

On-Demand Replay


Webinar: Connect Your Magento Store & Your Order Management System

On-Demand Replay


Webinar: Incorporating EDI into Your Business

On-Demand Replay


Webinar: 7 Retail Operational Improvements That Make A Difference

On-Demand Replay


Webinar Series: Demystifying Omnichannel Retailing

On-Demand Replay

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Notable Insights

6 Bottom-Line Benefits of Incorporating EDI Into Your Multi Channel Retail Business

Why You Need an Order Management Solution for Your Magento eCommerce Site

Managing Inventory & Order Fulfillment – Exciting, No. Necessary, Yes!

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