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Freestyle Solutions' Partners Overview

Freestyle Solutions has developed partnerships and alliances with many of the retail and eCommerce industries’ leading technology providers and organizations. In developing these partnerships and alliances, our goal is to provide value, flexibility and choice for Freestyle Solutions' customers. Some of our partners and alliances include the following:

Magento Solution Providers

To support our Freestyle O.M.S. solution, which is designed specifically to be used with a Magento eCommerce platform, and for M.O.M. users who also use Magento, we have partnered with a variety of recognized Magento solution providers. These firms can assist you with the development and customization of your website to help you gain a competitive advantage.


Complementary Solution Providers

There are several tools and solutions you can implement to enhance your website and improve the overall customer experience. We've partnered with a variety of complementary solution providers such as: email service providers, eCommerce platforms, paper form suppliers, and more. 


Service Providers

As your business grows, you may need the assistance of consultants to meet your changing needs.  Freestyle Solutions  has partnered  with various consultants who can help you implement third party solutions to help you overcome those 'growing pains' and take your business to the next level of success. We also have a partner who can help you become PCI compliant.


Shipping Providers

One of the biggest sources of time savings and error reduction is through integrated shipping capabilities.  Freestyle Solutions  has partnered with several shipping providers to help you cut costs and improve customer service through faster shipping methods.


Payment Processing

Incorporating an integrated payment processing gateway and merchant account service is essential for any eCommerce or catalog business accepting credit cards or eChecks as part of their selling process.  Freestyle Solutions  partners with several companies to provide you with the best solutions.


International Operations

Learn more about our international distributor for our Multichannel Order Manager (M.O.M.) and SiteLINK products, serving the UK and European markets.


Learn more about Multichannel Order Manager (M.O.M)

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