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Communiqué Business Intelligence for Multichannel Order Manager (M.O.M.)


Communiqué for M.O.M.SM delivers the necessary business intelligence, analytics, and data mining capabilities to illuminate every aspect of your multichannel operations. Communiqué features extensive Dashboards for instant snap shots, 150 plus standard reports, 50 data analyzers, and pivot tables to assist with your tactical and strategic decision making.

Communiqué  is intuitive and powerful.  It provides all the reporting and analytic tools you need in a single, easy to use application, and features:

  • Illumination & Transparency

    Communiqué for M.O.M. provides transparency by illuminating all aspects of business operations with extensive use of Dashboards, Reports, and Data Analyzers.  With the added transparency, retailers are able to visualize many facets of their business. Examples include:

    • ROI - Get immediate insight on your return on your investment (ROI) using the Slow Movers and Zero Item Sales reports.    

    • Product Replenishment  - Gain insight on product replenishment reports which help you to determine appropriate product stocking levels, re-order points, and quantities to order.     

    • Marketing & Segmentation  - A variety of data mining reports help identify patterns and behavior so merchants can cost-effectively target the right customer for the right campaign.  
  • Your Data, Your Way
    Communiqué is highly customizable.  It offers an array of options to view your data in easy to understand formats. From standard report date ranges, to specific filtering of data elements, to the appearance of your dashboard and reports—you get the information you need in the format you need it, when you need it.

  • Touch for Tablets and Windows 8
    Communiqué for M.O.M.’s user interface is designed to support touch based devices using Windows 8 (and 7).  Buttons and tabs are larger to support gestures.  Screen layouts are improved and optimized for ease of use with tablets.

  • Enterprise Architecture  
    Communiqué for M.O.M. uses a low level database driver to communicate directly with your database for faster performance, stability, and reliability. 
Communiqué for M.O.M. is available with the SQL editions of M.O.M. version 8 and later. Requires annual subscription.  For more information on this optional M.O.M. module, please contact us today.


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