Inventory Management Solutions with Multichannel Order Manager

Small business inventory management, inventory tracking, inventory controls, and related procedures or best practices are not unique to your multichannel commerce, eCommerce checkout, or catalog fulfillment business. The engineering behind M.O.M.'s inventory management solutions gives you the benefit of over 20 years of research designed specifically to handle the inventory tracking control needs of thousands of eCommerce and cross channel commerce direct sales companies around the world.

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From simple quantity discounts to the most complex "product-of-the-month" club with pre-scheduled flat rate shipping of particular items - no other inventory management software on the market today gives you as much flexibility in setting up and pricing stock items as Multichannel Order Manager. And, unlike some inventory management systems, there's no limit to the number of stock items you can have in your M.O.M. cross channel commerce solution!

Comprehensive Inventory Management Features

Dydacomp's Multichannel Order Manager gives you the ability to set-up virtually any type of product with just a few clicks of your mouse...

  • Inventory Service Items: control items with no physical inventory management required, like embroidering or engraving.
  • Cross Channel Online Inventory Control*: track inventory across eCommerce operations and catalog fulfillment even if you use eBay software, Google Checkout, Dydacomp’s SiteLINK inventory tracking, inventory management solutions, small business inventory management, multichannel commerce eCommerce solution, popular third party eCommerce software such as Yahoo, offsite fulfillment centers or shopping channels like Amazon fulfillment.
  • Drop Ship Inventory Items: track those inventory products that you don't actually stock yourself but are shipped directly to your customer by your supplier.
  • Composite Inventory/"Kit" Items: manage inventory products made up of other items and sold as a set or group with a special price.
  • Continuity Plans: for continuity programs like a "fruit-of-the-month" club where you determine what is shipped and when it needs to "go out the door."
  • Warehouse Location: set up warehouse "bin" locations and assign picking preference for more advanced warehouse inventory management. Establish special bins for returns, damaged or bulk storage.
  • Payment Plans: for special financial products like "3 easy payments of just $25 each."
  • Fractional Quantity: for items sold "by the pound" or "by the yard."
  • Subscriptions: with the optional Subscription Management Module, you can even handle items like magazines and newsletters handling all of the special issue count information and printing mailing labels once a month for mailing each issue.
  • Taxable or Non-Taxable Items: whatever the sales tax law requires.
  • Items with Special Shipping Requirements: including, "ships in its own container," and items with their own unique shipping charges.

Customer Management: Special Selling Solutions

Inventory Management Pricing Tables

Maybe you offer your customers a discount on three or more, perhaps you have a special price for "wholesale" customers, or, maybe you want to offer a special price for a limited time only! Whatever your pricing plan, M.O.M.'s incredibly powerful pricing table lets you set up any one or combination of parameters to automatically establish a price or discount for stock items under just about any special selling situations. M.O.M. even gives you a customer management solution with the ability to establish "mix & match" discount pricing for a whole group of different items.

Inventory Management Solutions- Size & Color Inventory Tracking Matrix Table

Inventory Size & Color Matrix Table

If you sell clothing, apparel, or any item with a variety of selections, and need to support your needs of small business inventory management up to large business inventory management, you're going to love M.O.M.'s size and color matrix. It's not only easy to set-up the matrix;it makes things easy for your order entry staff too! When an item with different variables is entered during order entry, the size/color pop-up screen is automatically displayed, making it easy for your operator to advise and make a customer's selection.

*May require optional M.O.M. software modules/licensing and features vary from partner to partner.

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