Multichannel Order Manager eCommerce Testimonials

Dydacomp's Multichannel Order Manager has helped thousands of direct selling businesses like yours "better perform the art of order taking" for over 15 years. Here's what some of our clients are saying about our Multichannel Order Manager...

We hired an outside consultant who spent three months looking at various programs using criteria we developed based on our business procedures. While Multichannel Order Manager (M.O.M.) did not meet all of our criteria, we decided that M.O.M. was an excellent tool and that we would modify some of our procedures to fit M.O.M. After using M.O.M., we are glad we made the decision to change the procedures we did since, as we are now a lot more productive. Productivity has improved so much that we stopped measuring it in percentage terms.

Ronald S. Hunter - Uniformed Services Almanac

We had outsourced our call center and catalog fulfillment business for the past 5 or so years and found that it was getting too expensive. We were looking for an inexpensive solution that would allow us to continue in the business while bringing it in-house. [Using M.O.M.] We have brought the operation in house and reduced our operating expenses at the same time.

Bob Dupree - RC Bigelow

[Using M.O.M] we have been able to distinctly target specific markets with our mailings through the list manager and demographic query feature, which has greatly increased revenue for us. It has also enabled us to get more accurate reporting data "on-the-fly" which has helped us to direct sales efforts to certain products or sources.

Chris Miller -Sportamerica

I keep "finding" new features that I hadn't been using ... Because Dydacomp has been working with mail order businesses for so long, we keep learning more about how to do our job well, simply by exploring the features that M.O.M. developers have created for us to use.

Sue Landay - Trainer's Warehouse

The value of the ability to mine our database, make offers and do mailing based on the highest likelihood of success was the most surprising benefit. Having had no experience with scientific marketing, we couldn't believe how much money it saved us and how much more effective our mailings were.

Tom Anderson - CSG Golf

Before implementing M.O.M., we were spending much of our time performing many repetitive tasks. We used many different software programs for shipping, database management, and accounting. M.O.M. provided a solution that cut down on the overlapping tasks and automated many of the repetitive tasks.

Tim Presley - Sports Wave

Overwhelming response to our catalog mailings threatened to change our success into failure. Without an effective order management system, we were incapable of handling the increase in our business. We selected M.O.M. because of the integration of invoicing, credit card processing, UPS manifesting and accounts receivable. M.O.M. literally saved our business.

From the time we began using M.O.M. we experienced dramatic improvement in productivity from our sales personnel. Throughout the years we have consistently improved productivity with the many new features provided by M.O.M.

Bob Burkey - Randall Burkey

M.O.M. is the perfect piece of software to run a mail order company. The database searching is extremely fast and very flexible. It is very important to be able to search the customer database, order database and inventory database by many different criteria. M.O.M. does this and does it very well. Our present sales volume is about 10 times as great as when we first started using M.O.M., and we are running more efficiently with the help of M.O.M.. Our focus is on customer service and M.O.M. allows us to give our customers excellent service.

Frank Tabino - Nutritional Solutions

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