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Expanded into new business channels and achieved company growth with M.O.M.

M.O.M. Helps PulseTV.com Grow Its Business

Pulsetv.com Uses Multichannel Order Manager to Expand into New Business Channels and Achieve Company Growth

How the Business Has Grown! 

pulsetv siteFounded in 1996 and headquartered in Tinley Park, IL, PulseTV.com started out as a TV direct response business.  You probably remember the TV commercials for Riverdance, Lord of the Dance, The Honeymooners, Stomp, The Carpenters and other popular TV promotions.  

Many members of the PulseTV.com team have worked together for over 20 years at this company and earlier at a leading catalog company. They all had a passion for building a great business and joined forces to create PulseTV.com.  How did the company branch out into other products besides DVDs? The credit goes to its customers! PulseTV.com began getting emails and letters asking if they could get other TV products. The company listened and started first with TV products and branched out to more.

Pulse Team

Today, PulseTV.com is a successful and modern multichannel online retailer with a web-based business growing at double digit rates.  The company processes more than 1,800 orders per day with an average of 3.8 items per order. 

The Need For Order Management

stock roomA lot has changed with eCommerce from 1996 to today. PulseTV.com successfully rode the internet bubble and survived the burst, pleased to have helped millions of customers along the way. Through the years it has maintained the integrity of the company and stayed true to its customer-friendly goals:

  • Offer a wide assortment of products at a good value

  • Create a shopping experience that is simple and easy to use 

  • Provide dependable delivery backed up by its in-house fulfillment center

  • Assist customers quickly and efficiently with responsive customer service 

PulseTV.com needed an automated Order Management System from the start.  It researched order management vendors and found that most were too expensive and too complicated.  PulseTV.com discovered Dydacomp and became a Multichannel Order Manager (M.O.M.) customer in 1997. At the time, FoxPro was their preferred platform.  Today, they run M.O.M on an SQL database.

Business Opportunities and Challenges

officeTV ad rates skyrocketed with the Dot-Com boom and PulseTV.com realized that it needed to reinvent the business.  Early on, PulseTV.com used an early toolkit version of what is now known as SiteLINK, Dydacomp’s eCommerce shopping cart platform for etailers.  Today, PulseTV.com has many websites.  As a result, web traffic is vital.

M.O.M. has a multitude of features and with what PulseTV.com is using today, it knows that it is only scratching the surface of the functionality. PulseTV.com had the foresight to video-enable each of their sites via YouTube & M.O.M. and video has become a big driver for the business.  The company also employed what it refers to as “Moms using M.O.M.”  A diligent and hard-working team of Moms use M.O.M. to manage, pick, pack and ship their orders.

Sharing Experiences

phone repOver the years, PulseTV.com has continually kept the business in tune with the needs of its customers.  PulseTV.com faced the challenge with social media in separating the noise from real sales.  Here are just some of the many techniques it has used to attract and retain customers while growing the business:

  • Video to improve conversion rates and decrease customer service calls

  • VIP mailings with promotions

  • Managing excess inventory

  • Remarketing

  • Listening to customer service to learn what customers prefer 

  • Newsletters

  • Consistently taking ideas to the next level 

What Sets PulseTV.com Apart From The Rest?

At PulseTV.com, customers find the products they want at great prices with quick delivery. The company continually updates and improves its sites, content, services and website functionality based on the suggestions of customers.

pulse graphicWhile shoppers have many choices of where to shop online, PulseTV.com offers the best overall experience and the right combination of service, value and products as the team is always working hard to meet customer needs.

And, PulseTV.com has been recognized for outstanding customer service and easy-to-use ordering and website design by numerous sources.

“…As PulseTV.com extended its reach into new business channels from mail order to online, M.O.M. has been there to enable us to grow.” 
              – Anisa Ali, PulseTV.com, Co-founder & Owner

One Solution to Promote Your Online Business On The Road To Success

graphicWith the longest and deepest experience in order management, M.O.M. is the leading PCI compliant order and inventory management software for small and mid-sized eCommerce, multi-channel and distribution businesses. M.O.M. has earned a strong reputation in the industry, with a customer base that manages over a million online shoppers daily, sells over 250 million in gross merchandise every month and is continuously tracking over $4 billion in inventory.  It’s that experience which has enabled Dydacomp to support PulseTV.com in its growth efforts.

M.O.M. Order & Inventory Management

From shopping cart integration and selling tools to PCI compliance and fraud protection, M.O.M offers complete order, inventory and customer information management solutions. With M.O.M., fulfillment centers and/or eCommerce businesses can effectively handle order import, inventory management, order fulfillment and payment processing automation.

eCommerce Integration

With M.O.M. users can:

  • Get total order management across all shopping channels and business lines

  • Integrate with any eCommerce shopping cart or third-party system through powerful APIs

  • Build new revenue streams through expansive business channels such as Amazon, Shop.com and eBay

Inventory Management, Purchasing & Receiving

Benefits of M.O.M.  include:

  • Comprehensive inventory tracking & control built-in

  • A solution to the challenges of managing inventory while selling through multiple channels

  • One single purchasing function

  • Up-to-date inventory information pushed to your website

  • Simple management of drop shipped merchandise and backorders

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