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Replaced home grown database with a streamlined order management solution to ensure fast and efficient shipping.


For over 20 years, E. Burnham Cosmetics has focused on maintaining beautiful skin by providing consumers with the latest anti-aging retinol based skincare products. The company’s club membership program, which ships Retinol Ultra Skin Care Crème along with other products on a unique shipping interval, was quickly expanding when Nancy Kittle, President, and her team found the home grown club membership data base management system was no longer adequate to manage the business. It was not going to be able to handle the increased order volume they were generating. Since their products were not available in stores, they needed to ensure fast and efficient shipping to their growing customer base, while offering a variety of iterations of shipping schedules and product selections in the Club. In addition, the support costs just to maintain their system were rising to unreasonable levels. The team needed to find another solution to manage their club program. They also started the search for a powerful eCommerce platform to help increase their online presence and grow their business.


Nancy and her team understood the importance of selecting the right solution and focused on finding the best features and capabilities to meet their business needs. They spent time comparing various solutions that provided them with PCI compliance, an eCommerce integration, and effective club membership features similar to their custom built program. After an extensive review, it quickly became apparent that the ability of Dydacomp’s Multichannel Order Manager to accurately manage inventory, run a successful club membership program, and efficiently fulfill orders provided them with the ideal solution. M.O.M. is the leading integrated PCI Compliant order management software built for eCommerce, multichannel, and distribution businesses.

About a year after selecting M.O.M. to handle back office operations and reviewing a number of various eCommerce platforms, E. Burnham Cosmetics chose Dydacomp’s SiteLINK solution due to its robust feature set and seamless integration with M.O.M. SiteLINK helps merchants create a powerful online presence and successfully compete in today’s ever-changing eCommerce marketplace. The latest version of SiteLINK creates the ideal online shopping experience while ensuring PCI compliance. The company is able to use SiteLINK to capitalize on the latest trends to drive up sales, including creating a mobile-optimized site, while meeting the requirements of their extensive club membership program to sell and market their Retinol skin care products and the many natural products they sell as well .


One of the biggest challenges immediately addressed by M.O.M. is the ability to create individual Club memberships to meet the demands of their customers. “The M.O.M. solution has definitely improved the profitability of our business and paid for itself in the first year,” said Nancy. “We have access to key business information that enables us to know exactly what is happening within our business and allows us to anticipate accurate inventory levels. The Dydacomp support staff has been great and literally held our hands through the entire implementation process. It was helpful to have a very knowledgeable team who really grasped what we were trying to accomplish with our business. Multichannel Order Manager was a great solution that enabled us to control costs and offered us easy access to real time data when we needed it. We have really taken full advantage of the club membership and even customized the solution to fit our processes.”

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The module has not been activated or there is an issue with the license.

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