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News Bytes - September 2014


Dydacomp News Bytes
Your Multichannel Order, Inventory
& eCommerce News Source
September 2014

In This Issue:
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[Video] Freestyle Commerce - Cloud Based Inventory & Order Management Software
Dydacomp Announces New Releases for Multichannel Order Manager (M.O.M.) and SiteLINK – Dydacomp Exclusive
Inside The Evolution Of PulseTV.com - Integrated Solutions for Retailers
How to Make Your Small Business Perform Like an Omnichannel Powerhouse – Multichannel Merchant
Drop Shipping for Ecommerce, Part 3: Suppliers vs. Retailers - Practical Ecommerce
Digital Tops Marketing Priorities for Retailers This Holiday Season [Study] – ClickZ
It's Omnichannel Holiday Season - NRF.com
7 Little Things to Improve an Ecommerce Business - Practical Ecommerce

Featured Insider Insight:

Top 5 Features To Look For In An Inventory Management Solution

Are you having trouble managing your inventory? Have you run into the dreaded ‘out of stock’ situation more than you’d like? Or on the flip side, do you have so much excess inventory on-hand that it’s affecting your profit margins?

If any of these sound familiar, it may be time to start looking into an inventory management solution to help you get your order and inventory processes under control. But with all the options available today, how do you know which solution will work best for you and your business? And what features should you be looking for?

Top 5 Features To Look For In An Inventory Management Solution:

  1. Basic Inventory Control

  2. Integration with Multiple Sales Channels

  3. Barcoding & Scanning

  4. Accounting Integration

  5. Support For Kits (aka Bundled Products; kitting)

If you think you can benefit from implementing a solution with the features listed above, give us a call.  Or Sign Up for a Free Trial of our Inventory & Order Management Solutions.


How An Inventory & Order Management Solution Can Help Drive Success

Implementing an inventory and order management software solution can help you streamline your business processes and position your business for greater success in the future.

From an inventory standpoint, having a solution in place is an absolute must, especially when working in multiple sales channels. Having the right amount of inventory on-hand at all times is a delicate balancing act. Having a product that ‘sells out’ is good in one way as it proves that it’s a hot item. On the other hand you never want to run out of stock and lose a potential sale. Carefully tracking your inventory not only gives you insight to your customers’ preferences, but helps in determining how much to have at all times.

So if you are adding a new sales channel for the first time or planning to expanding into more sales channels, life is so much easier when you have an inventory and order management solution in place. Automating the order fulfillment and inventory management processes makes just about everything related to your business as streamlined and simplified as possible so you can focus on the more important things – like growing your business!



Freestyle Commerce

Innovative Cloud-based Order & Inventory Managemen

Featuring kit & bundle solutions.

Assemble & Track ‘Kitting’ Items With Ease

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Webinar Series: Demystifying Omnichannel Retailing

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Notable Insights

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Top 5 Features To Look For In An Inventory Management Solution

Solution Spotlight – ‘Kit’ aka ‘Bundled’ Products in Freestyle

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