Order Entry & Order Import in Multichannel Order Manager

Entering orders directly or through an order import process and then answering customer questions about their order status are just about the biggest job for any eCommerce or catalog business. With order entry software features in Multichannel Order Manager (M.O.M.) working for you, life in the office is going to be much easier!

Enter Orders Fast and Accurately!

M.O.M.'s order entry and order review screen combines incredible power with ease-of-use - a combination that will make your customer service staff a winning team

M.O.M.'s order entry system software and order review screen combines incredible power with ease-of-use - a combination that will make your customer service staff a winning team.

Total order entry software control features give your staff the power to quickly enter customer selections, calculate shipping charges, return shipper tracking numbers and take payment information for COD, credit card, prepaid and invoiced orders. Of course, it's really the little things that make Multichannel Order Manager software a pleasure to use, and the graphical interface makes order entry seem like you're writing up the order on a piece of paper!

  • If your order entry specialist forgets the inventory stock code, look-up a stock item by description, vendor stock code, UPC Code, ISBN number, price, size, color, product class. And for items sold in different sizes, colors, or other variables, select the specific item from a complete list of all variations! Enter a new stock item "on-the-fly" if you don't carry it in your catalog.
  • Keep your customers totally informed - color coded status codes let you know if the inventory item is in-stock, committed, back-ordered, packed, shipped. For back ordered inventory items, let the customer know the exact date that you expect to receive it.
  • Change an inventory item's unit cost, discount, description, scheduled ship date during order entry. You have complete control over everything associated with the order and its items with order entry software.
  • Turn your order takers into salespeople with product up-sells, cross-sells, and substitute recommendations.
  • Write the customer a memo on the invoice or send them a personalized letter.
  • In the event of partial back orders, M.O.M. lets designated customer service or order entry representatives select to ship the in-stock items ahead of the back ordered items. M.O.M. automatically takes care of the billing and shipping.
  • Offer your customers the option of combining more than one type of payment or more than one method of shipping on a single order.
  • Issue Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) numbers and track returns from customers with reason codes. Process returns and M.O.M. automatically balances the customer account.
  • Create an order quotation and print, fax, or e-mail the quote to your customers direct from Multichannel Order Manager's Order Entry screen. Turn a quote into an order with just a click of your mouse.

Transact Credit Card and Check Amounts Direct to Your Bank Using Multichannel Order Manager

Add the Interactive Credit Card Authorization System option to your Multichannel Order Manager software, and you can approve and transact credit card and check sales directly to your bank right from M.O.M.'s order entry screen.

All the Tools You Need for Complete eCommerce Integration

No matter what eCommerce system you may already rely on to manage your online store, Dydacomp's Multichannel Order Manager will help you better manage it and the orders that are placed there. In fact, Multichannel Order Manager has a ready-to-use interface for most of today's popular online eCommerce marketing applications and services including, Magento®, eBay®, Amazon®, Bing Commerce, MIVA®, and others.

eCommerce Made Even Easier with SiteLINK

Don't have a store yet or expanding the power of your branded eCommerce store? Multichannel Order Manager's SiteLINK cloud hosted online store option gives you the ultimate in power and control to create and manage an entire online store. Start with one of our professional web design options as well as SiteLINK's 'built in' design options editor or create a unique design for your business through Dydacomp's professional web design services division. The rest is as easy as 1-2-3 as SiteLINK eCommerce software uses the same product information you already have setup in M.O.M. to "put up" your Web store. Your finished store, complete with product directories, customer shopping cart, check-out screen and hundreds of other features to enhance a visitor's experience, can be ready for your first customer in less than a day!

Download Orders from an "800" Service Firm or Export Orders for Fulfillment!

Add the optional Import/Export Module to your Multichannel Order Manager system, and you're ready to "hook-up" to an order taking service, another office of your company using M.O.M., or an outside fulfillment company. With M.O.M.'s flexible data format, virtually any service firm can be used to take or process orders for you.

Gift Orders

Orders with separate shipping addresses are no problem for Dydacomp's order entry software. In fact, you can enter as many "recipients" as you need in a single order. Multichannel Order Manager consolidates all the shipping and merchandise charges on a single invoice. M.O.M. even maintains a separate "gift-to" customer file with all of the gift-to names and addresses for that particular customer. So, when Robert Smith, for example, calls to order a gift for his grandson, you already have the name and address of each of his grandsons right on the screen. And, with M.O.M.'s List Management Module, you can even send out special letters to your gift-givers informing them about the gifts they sent last holiday and to whom they sent them. With Multichannel Order Manager working for you, you'll not only easily manage your holiday gift sales, you'll increase them!

Counter Sales Too!!

Add the optional Point of Sale (POS) Module to your Multichannel Order Manager system, and you add a full-featured "cash register" to take and transact counter sales. Many mail order companies also have a "front-office" store. M.O.M.'s POP module gives you a specially designed order entry screen and register reports to support your point of sale operation.

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